Van Bery : a girls’ tale!

How did a fashion designer and financial specialist get to meet?

The fashion designer, returning to Switzerland, was already considering launching her Van Bery brand, but didn’t feel able to do it alone. She discussed her concerns with her hairdresser…

The financial specialist had lost her motivation to work in an impersonal environment, where she was no longer developing. She chatted about her desire to change and her interest in fashion to her hairdresser… who then introduced them!

Van Bery was founded in 2010, since when Marie and Berivan have established an inseparable team, strong, determined and creative. The two partners defined the brand’s positioning together:Elegance, refinement and femininity are the incontrovertible values embraced by Van Bery to appeal to women. A dress sits naturally at the heart of its collection.

Van Bery’s fashion is timeless. The designer’s inspiration is the retro landscape from the 1920s to the 1960s, offering premium collections are beautiful designs sprinkled with a touch of Van Bery’s unique style.

The Van Bery woman is charming rather than a seductress, cheeky but without exaggeration, with a touch of daring and fantasy. Above all, she’s a sparkling and vibrant woman, admiring rather than nostalgic about days gone by….

Particular care is taken over finsihings, cuts and materials. The fabrics are always natural and bold. They come from the best craftspeople in Europe. The manufacture is also 100% European and Van Bery carefully selects which workshops it uses for its production.

Berivan Meyer

Born into an artistic family, Berivan has always been involved in a creative and colourful universe. Her love of fashion came from her mother, who was always elegant and original and took her to seek out vintage pieces whenever the opportunity presented itself.

She obtained her Masters in Fashion Design in 2006 from the prestigious Royal Academy of Beaux Arts in Anvers.

After her studies, she continued her apprenticeship with Loewe in Madrid as an assistant to the artistic director.

Returning to Switzerland the next year, Berivan took part in several competitions for young designers and started to dream a little about setting up her own label. It was in 2010, after she met Marie Tournant, that the Van Bery adventure could really take off!

Today, as artistic director of Van Bery, she designs a range of clothes that are feminine, elegant and sparkling for women with character, just like her!